Monday, January 30, 2017

Watkins in accounting is T-bone

Fifteen weeks until Ice Age and it is a good thing as a bout with influenza cost me most of last week. 

M = 6.0
T = Off
W = Off
R = Off
F = Off
S = Off
S = 6.2 in just over a hour...and butterflies are free to fly.

No matter,  Weren't no grizz left anyhow.  I never saw the flu coming.  It sort of swung out of the trees.  Snuck up on me...quieter than an ant tinkling on a cotton ball.  The good news is I should be as solid as Sears as far as illness goes for a while.

After the Al's run debacle last year, I made a statement at the time to two speedier fellows than myself that we should consider a run at sub 3:00 next year at Lakefront.  For no other reason than I wanted to hear myself talk.  Now the blazing 6:56 pace I laid down for that 8k tells me I either just scored 830 on the SAT, or I'm delusional.  Had I run 50 seconds faster a mile then I'm in the wheelhouse.  Sure it was hot and I had a crap day, but I think I'm going to follow up on this.  The other two guys will be 45 and 46 next year at Lakefront and I will be 56.  45 has a 3:08 PR (I think) and 46 has not made a serious attempt I know of after really starting to race well under Ryan's guidance. 

I think 3:10 is a strong goal for me and 3:05 a stretch.  There is some time to ponder this, but I need to crawl up inside my head and see if I want to do this.  If so I believe the invite will go out.  Since I should be in aerobic shape in May for Ice Age, the 21 week gap should allow time to rest and reload.  Naturally the three of us live 30-45 minutes from each other, but there may be some value in following each persons progression.  The other thing is I'm not sure we would all have the same training approach, so that might bust it up right there.  I'd be on the Beck program.  This time I think I'd spend about 6 weeks prior to Beck trying to get fast without activating the decoder ring.  Haven't figured that out yet.

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