Sunday, February 5, 2017

Is that X?

It felt good to get back into the running groove again.  By my accounts it was a good week, but it looks skinny.  It didn't feel skinny, but on paper it doesn't look like much for a guy training to race a trail 50 mile.

M = PM, 6.0 w/ 3 x 1mile on T-mill w/ .25 jog (6:49,44,40).
T =  AM, 6.5 (10:20 pace) through slushy snow roads
W = PM, 6.0 w/ 6 x 880 w/ .25 jog (3:20,18,16,14,11,09)
R = PM, 7.5 (10:34) @ Men. Park w/ Dewey & Tim
F = Off
S = AM, 16.1 (10:19) @ John Dick through snowy trail
S = AM, 8.0 (10:10) Monches
Week = 50.1

45 has indicated he is up for a run at the roses come 10/1 @ Lakefront.  He also agrees with the Beck program.  I'm going to have to send an email to 46 and his coach to see if we have interest.  I believe these guys have the sub 3 wheels.  I believe 3:05 would be a stretch goal for me, but most would understand what I'm trying to cash in on here.

I did punch in 2:59 on a calculator and looked for times I should be able to run at various distances.  The mile said 5:36 and I'm pretty sure it would be hard for me to get near 6:00 flat now.  That's just stuff for me to toy around with for now as I have learned to embrace the t-mill while traveling.  Mainly because good runs are hard to find at the crack of nuts in MN, WI, and the UP when on the road.  Also, for all the fun I made of these things over the years they are much easier on me physically.  I am bored quickly with them, but doing mini speed workouts seem to make it go by fast.

By most accounts I believe I'm a fairly jovial guy.  As a native of Pennsylvania we are kind of known for that.  You know...You have a friend in Pennsylvania license plate.  What is up with folks these days?  Three things from my rural road run today:

1. As the car comes towards me there is plenty of room everywhere.  Out of habit I run on the berm. The car goes by and at my estimate is 3.5 feet from me.  What gives?  Seems some people love the fly by.

2. I see this other guy running towards me for about a half-mile.  As I run by I raise my hand and say hello.  He doesn't even acknowledge my presence.  Like it never happened...I was invisible.

3. Guys German Shepherd appeared from no where and after a brief encounter he calls him off me.  I'm fine though the dog nipped me on my hand.  No I'm sorry...nothing.

I know.  I'll stop.

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