Monday, February 20, 2017

Put your helmet on

After 30.6 miles over the weekend I'm glad to report a solid Monday workout.  Sometimes I'll try to jump the week early and get a good one off the tee box to start the week.  I achieved my goal already before vacation by taking down all three 2017 watch PR's (for those hardy 3-4 people who look at this) with a 6:36.9 mile, 21:30 5k, and a 43:58 10k.  I jumped out the door and tried to stretch it a bit and ambled through the first mile in 8:23.  From there I fired up the mothership through 14 mph winds and slowly wound it up.  I averaged 7:08 pace the next 7 miles which is acceptable.  I seem to be cracking up oxygen easy enough.  Need to working on jamming the gears.  Probably a bit early to start racing myself several times a week, but honestly at this point it doesn't seem like I can create enough debt to worry about peaking.  Besides, not sure I'd call reaching for 9:23 pace on the Ice Age trail a firestorm.

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