Sunday, March 5, 2017

Total consciousness

I sometimes have doubts the training is progressing in any real manner.  As countless people with ten years on either side of me have noted, the fast stuff today was my normal workout pace then.  Fortunately I'm only trying to weave the magic for one day.  One day.  Which means setting up performance indicators along the way.  There is also something calming in knowing that besides myself no other person on the planet gives a rat's a$$.  That phone thing we all seem to have will ding on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday asking me if I'm coming on a run regardless if I set an AR, or crash and burn into a rice paddy.

The past two weeks included an Arizona vacation and the ensuing week of work catch up.  I actually re-learned something about longer runs.  Many associated with running a 50 mile event know all too well about the need to get in the longer runs.  I mean stuff is happening to your benefit one doesn't even know about.  The thing about yesterday's 24 mile run was that the best running came in the last 8 miles and I had to resist Major Tomming it another extra 4 miles.  I was getting down to 8:00 flat pace near the end without any extra effort.  Everything after a few hours came into unison and I was piloting the ship in that small place in your brain where you achieve clarity.  The best way I can explain it is like being fully rested and you drink 3 cups of coffee.  I'm not comparing it to a "buzz", but more like if I had ten of me I would control the free world. 

In the day I would have blasted away, but I was all too aware of the potential reserves I could erode for one magnificent joy ride.  The lesson was learned.  Live to fight another day and more so, there is the potential this same scenario could play out on race day.  On a similar note I remember reading years ago about Frank Shorter.  He recalled races in which he could tell after a mere 100 yards after the start that he was going to have an exceptional day.  It made sense to him to try and capture a means to duplicate this 100 yard feel.  It never happened.  The day gives you what it gives you.  Sometimes you drink the wine and sometimes your stomping the grapes.

2/20 PM = 8.0 (7:17) w/ 7 @ 7:07 pace/roads
2/21 AM = 8.0 (9:27)
2/22 AM = 8.0 (9:03)
2/23 = OFF
2/24 AM = 8.0 w/ 2 mile in 13:21 (6:53,6:28)
2/25 AM = 12.0 (8:14)
2/26 AM = 8.0 (9:36)
Week = 52.0

2/27 AM = 10.5 (9:12)
2/28 AM = 7.5 w/ 3 @ 6:40 pace on treadmill
3/1 PM = 8.0 (9:47)
3/2 PM = 8.0 (8:49) w/ 1 mile in 6:21
3/3 = OFF
3/4 AM = 24.0 (8:56), 21.0 w/ Christine
3/5 AM = 10.0 (10:35), Minooka trails w/ Clem and Dean
Week = 68.0


  1. Enjoy your perspective on running

  2. You're still two minutes per mile faster than I am right now - but I know well the feeling "this used to be recovery pace and now it's racing pace."

  3. Your and you're. I good that up more than I'd like to admit.

    Dave = thanks for reading. In some way it keeps me after it.

    Steve = trying to get after it and stay on the border of not going into flames. Going to try and run faster and cross my fingers.