Tuesday, September 12, 2017

That's a wrap

The best I can figure from looking at the calculators is I should be capable of 32:01 for the 8k.  My stated goal is 31:30, so if I can make the juju work then maybe it can happen.  Al's is never a gimme. People are throwing down.  There are scores to settle.  Largest Wisconsin race of the year, though the depth of fast times is a farthing of past years.  I have to get out slow and come from the back.  Today I did 2 x 1 mile repeats in 6:08 and 6:07 and it was Barney Rubbelish.  My turnover is compromised.

I am at 169 which is good.  The flats I have to race in have 639 miles on them, but I'm going to try and light one more match with them.  You really suffer the last mile here.  Flat as a board, but there are a lot of team races going on.  I'm the old guy on the team.  How rewarding.

Pack a lunch.

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