Sunday, January 21, 2018

Corn King

I'm thinking I need to put a shorter race on the horizon so I have something to focus on.  It will get me to look at losing a bit of weight and conduct a few faster workouts.  I'm up near 179 which is about what I end up without any governance.  The days of unbridled hamburgers and hot dogs, along with cake and ice cream almost daily will need to subside. 

Maybe by next week I can report a mini race schedule.  I think I'll spend the week deciding how the training should play out.  It will be built around one primary long run a week.  That is how far I have thought it through this year.  Sure there will be 1-2 harder efforts a week, but I may eschew even a medium long run during the week.  Would like to have a few double days and keep the weekly mileage over 60. 

1/15 = AM, 5.0 (10:05) snowy roads
1/15 = PM, 5.5 (9:43) roads
1/16 = AM, 4.6 (10:56) snowy roads at 3am
1/17 = AM, 7.0 w/ 5.0 (7:37) progression on New Orleans t-mill
1/18 = PM, 7.1 (10:24) mostly road w/ Dewey and Tim
1/19 = AM, 4.3 (10:14) road
1/20 = AM, 13.5 (9:42) Fox loop+ on paved path w/ Dewey and Christine
1/21 = AM, 9.0 (9:43) Keesus+ on roads
Week = 56.0


  1. Back to reading your blog after a long hiatus. The only downside is that I discovered we only ran together 4 times last year. That is not enough. I'm getting out enough to be able to run John Dick this weekend--at least that is the plan. So I'll see you there.

  2. Not being wise but you run pretty fast considering your diet. You should invest in a sports dietitian. See em once a week. There are healthy foods that will solve your cravings. You will run faster but more importantly you will feel better on your runs. Then after time you will not want to eat those foods really much at all because they will make you feel bloated. Most important though is to not be in an atmosphere "where people are eating that junk." It can't be done all at once but try throwing out some of the junk food in your house and when shopping buy a lil less of that food.

  3. I’ll count calories. I agree weight needs to come off. According to decades worth of comments I look 10 pounds lighter than I am. At 5’ 11” I was at 180 this weekend. I need to get off the hot fudge and mashed potato diet for sure.

  4. Try Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt, the 120 calorie 5.3 ounce containers. Great source of protein, 15grams and they are delicious and extremely filling. Basically you can eat a whole pound of it for a total of 360 calories. Greek Yogurt is a steal, ha ha!