Saturday, February 9, 2019

Baby I just don't know

About mid February and time to crank up the pain train for Ice Age.  That used to be a comical spin about laying down some good miles, but now-a-days there is pain involved.

For the actually running piece I have to get fired up to run harder/faster in crappy conditions.  Nine minutes a mile is sometimes arduous outside...bummer.

Though not crippling, the PF, hip and back soreness, slight knee glitch, groin (hurts when I cough also) and overall malaise is something you just work with.

The final pain is the actual getting all the other things in life done (to my own, or someone else's expectations) and attempting to be a good citizen.  I never anticipated that along with running that work, social, family, and dog stuff would/could be taxing.

Stick around and I'll be posting my running efforts as a way to stay 80% on track.

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