Tuesday, June 9, 2020

When I get off this mountain

Ahh...the robin.  Gotta respect they shun bird feeders and just make it happen on their own.  Generally you see them out alone.  Hop...hop... hop and then the dagger.  They look on bewildered at other birds sucking up the free nutrition.  Heck you can even lay and egg or two in one of their nest and they are like whatever.  Let’s us know when you’re done.  We pick chunks of birds out of our stool bigger than you.  State bird here, so a touch of royalty.  Humble...very humble bird because if they weren’t they would be lobbying to be called Vince.  Ever see these guys fly?  I’m not even sure they know what they’re doing.  They don’t hold up cosmetically either.  If you get close they are all gray and crap in places.  They look like your uncle.

Been motoring around 10:30 to 12:15 pace.  In the 60+ range the past couple weeks.  Just happy to be moving along.  Get out with Big Kick a couple times a week and spread the knowledge.  From me to you man.  Usually end up discussing old tv shows and who did, or who didn’t play a certain character.  I thought Gavin MacLeod died 20 years ago.  Guess not.  Recognized him in The Sand Pebbles recently.  Made a Minooka appearance and got in 20 with Clem.  Legend.  Andrea cut it short at 10.  Deano got in a good 1:30 on the bike.  Guy looked solid as Sears.

Heading West soon with the wife for some r and r.  The $600,000 dog will go stay with the boy in Milwaukee.  Not sure about all the flowers and the garden.  If I lay a trail of cash to the house I’m sure the daughter will be happy to help.  That’s just a tiny joke Brochilies.

Ever try and explain something simple to a person that would save them time, but they have absolutely zero interest?  I’ll figure it out when I get there, or when it happens.  Okay.  The sound you are hearing is asteroids crashing off the hull of the ship.

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