Sunday, May 17, 2020

I miss the Earth

Big Kick was out in full force today as we mustered 7.4 miles through the cold rain.  I snuck in 50.6 miles for the week, which is about the low end of what I want to get in.  We did cover off the movie classic, "The Incredible Mr. Limpet."  Surprised 2 of the 4 of us had never heard of it.  It brings back the good days of being a kid.  It is worth a look in my opinion.

I'm seeing that races are still being cancelled or postponed through August.  Seems a bit over the top.  I can go to the grocery store, Mickey D's, or the cancer center, but running remotely out in the woods can't be figured out?  On another vein, why does everyone insist on explaining everything to me.  It's a garden...I get how it works.  Fill out this spreadsheet (that came with detailed directions)...and let's get together on a call.  Compost site...yes I know I can't get rid of construction material or old video games here.  I guess it's better than having no input. 

In the 90's I went directly to duct tape over the nipples.  I became soft.  My wife taunted me because if I knew anything about breast feeding that eventually they toughen up.  I'm not a flashy guy so I just leave it on.  Not always easy to get a good seal with hair, so I'm doing repairs a few times a week.  I'm not going to shave the area because my brain tells me that could mostly be wrong.  Vaseline stains the shirts, band-aids are completely useless, painter tape is worthless, and body-glide is too expensive.  A roll of duct tape last years though I'd be lying if it didn't occasionally confuse people about me.  What I may never understand is as often as one rips them off there is no lack of hair.  I recently saw a roll of duct tape that will last me until the end of the trail.  No flash and not overly expensive.  Tight as a vice grip, but very little residue.

One of my favorite snacks if a double hamburger and a McChicken.  That will run you $2.92.  I could eat that everyday.  Running to burn calories is a huge motivator for me and to be honest I could easily eat 5-6 sandwiches at the arches because they are tiny.  In fact as I type I just decided I'm going to go make a run.  I'll pick up tabasco sauce and a 6 pack of those nutty buddy things, you know...for the effort.

Been watching the MJ documentary series.  What's all the negative waves?  Guy wanted to win.  The people who didn't like the environment left.  He made some mistakes.  I could not imagine being in that position and not doing the same.  It's the NBA Brochiles.  Of course people are going to torch each other.  Any sport growing up meant you dealt with life.  We had apple fights as kids and the objective was to throw at the other guys head as hard as you could.  Not really any age restrictions.  You figured stuff out.  This week I was copied on a small issue via email.  I was off that day and watched as 4-5 people got involved with question after question.  I'm not a genius, but I picked up the phone, called the person at the receiving department (no idea who they were), asked 2 questions, sent an email to everyone saying what was going to happen and it was over.  No ones bombing apples at your head.  Pick up the phone and put stuff to rest.  Kind of like collecting money.  Send 20 emails or just get them on the phone and say you owe us money.  When can we expect it...Brochiles? 

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