Sunday, July 10, 2011

Give me 40 acres...

and I'll turn this rig around.  Like this old trucker song, I have came to the conclusion I don't have enough space to get ready for Sawtooth.  I'd have to give up some things needed done around here and I wouldn't get to fish much.  Went out the first time Friday after work and caught a couple Buffalo fish which were a first.  I fish in the Fox River and was running the bottom with crawlers.  I wasn't exactly sure what they were, but with internet available on the cell phone was able to make the match.  I was thinking that's what they were and was glad I got an ID.  Soon I was after the Northerns and must say I am out of practice.  The first one sheared my freakin' tackle off at the bobber.  I never set the second one and my bait got mauled.  The third one I missed was either because my line is too old from last year, or I did a bad job tieing; which is possible because the mosquitos were brutal and I skipped having a leader which I normally employ.  It was fun to get out there either way.  The beaver who moved into my spot a couple years ago seems to have been washed out.  He must have moved on because he wasn't cussing at me this year.  If I got up on his stuff he let me know he was there.  The muskrats either moved or were hiding.  They generally come out after an hour, but didn't see them this year.

Three weeks from Voyageur.  Average training.  I might try and sneak in 50 this week and do a two week taper.  I need to get back to some solid heat training as the past week was weak for that.  I am going out real conservative this year...kinda like I do at Ice Age.

Back to fishing.  I grew up in Pennsylvania as a hunter and trapper.  Sure, I fished some, but it easily was replaced with baseball, frisbee, football, etc.  I am not a great fisherman.  I prefer to just figure stuff out myself.  Kind of like running.  I'll listen to people and perhaps goof around with their ideas, but I am best left to my on conclusions.  I'll stay on something a long time to see if it has any merit.  Lately, I have been working the bottom just because it has a different feel.  Bobber fishing in the river can be a hassle when the current is fairly strong.  Plus I can stay where I want longer.  The longer I'm in the water, I figure the better off I am and you can catch some cool stuff.  So far in my spot I have caught:

Blue Catfish
Blue Gills
Rock Bass
Largemouth Bass
White Bass

I have not caught a Muskie, Carp, or a Smallmouth yet...though they are in there.  There is probably
other stuff, so that's why the fascination with the bottom.

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  1. Dude,

    Voyageur IS GETTING READY for Sawtooth.

    At least come up and have some fun.