Monday, July 25, 2011

Pumpsie Green

I traded 500 baseball cards for a 62' Pumpsie Green, NY Mets back in the day.  It was cool, but he doesn't appear in my collection today any longer....hmmm.  I have about 125,000 cards, which I seldom look at anymore.  Occasionally someone will say something like, "My parents grew up by Ray Sadecki in Kansas City".  Next time I see them I'll bring them one of their cards.  I get stuff like, "Do you remember Wayne Granger".  Sure, who doesn't.  Which team do you want him from.  It's about the only way to get rid of commons now-a-days.  Thinking back, I told a Red Sox fan Pumpsie was the first black player for them.  It's now in his collection of 20 cards.  I think the last card I gave away was a Twins - Phil Roof card.  The one he's squating with that huge catchers mitt.  I have given away Aaron, Mays, and Clemente cards to younger kids, but I am a little more reluctant today.  They didn't print 2,000,000 copies by seven companies each back in the day.

Voyageur is Saturday.  I am looking forward to just jogging out and see what happens.  I just hope the power lines aren't as slick as last year.  Any decisions concerning Sawtooth/Superior will wait until my return.  I am in okay shape.  40-50 miles a week, some long runs, but a pile of heat training runs.  Caught some grief, but the best part is...I don't care.

I see Brother Grub was kind enough to document my running gear choices.  I would buy some of that stuff if I do another 100 miler.  I just go and buy stuff at a regular store because that's what I have always done.  I have had people not go on a run because they forgot Body Glide or a water bottle.  Are you serious.  Here's an empty Pepsi bottle and I have the cap...grow a set.  I've won two fuel belts, which I gave marathoners, go figure.  I like that stuff Kevin showed and I might buy that shoe wife's orders.

Brother Grub looks solid.  If he reads this, I would say stay the course and don't get greedy the last month.  Remember your mantra.  "Live for another day". 

Personally, I have to quit telling others in the greater running community what I want to do.  I all about committed to a team for Al's Run (claiming I could break 30 for an 8k) and now I'm not that interested.  I'm really into this run about 50 a week and do what I want mode.  Plus the Northern are hitting like a German Shepherd (had to look that spelling up, it didn't look right) on a rib roast.

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  1. One of the local running stores here was started by the owner selling off his baseball card collection; personally, I only want a complete set of the 1982 (maybe '83) Twins, the pathetic losers I followed... Bombo Rivera, Willie Norwood, etc.

    Should be the best weather in many years for Voyageur. Gardner could take Jurek's CR, if he got pushed by someone like Lundstrom. I did Voyageur in 2008 without a water bottle (didn't take water at the aid stations either), but would NOT recommend it.