Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just like a pasta fagiole...

...It's Amore.

But not just after finishing Voyageur.  That comes a few days later.  I swore that was it for me, but I will be back.  Bunk told me you just get the urge to figure it out...which apparantly I figured it out worse than last year.  I'll be the first to admit I wasn't in great shape, but I was in good enough shape to be around 9:30, or so I thought.  Skipping the details, I ran less beat up this year, felt somewhat better and still ran 43 minutes slower.

I decided today everything is out.  No Sawtooth.  No Al's run.  Take it easy this month, use some vacation, fish for northern, do a couple home projects, and maybe trek out to the Mississippi River for some more fishing.  Maybe run 50 minutes a day and go longer on weekends if up to it.  Maybe do a late year ultra, I'm tired right now. 

I read other running blogs occasionally and I don't think too much about the science of the whole thing.  I understand it, but I only think about the running part when I'm running.  Sure, I think about what I want to do, but I don't do it so why bother.  I guess the only run I will continue to want to do well at is Ice Age.  Being 50 there next year means I have to learn to strap it on a bit differently.  I think a reasonable stretch goal is sub 7:30...there I said it for the 3 people who read this blog.

I also want to do a hundred sometime.  Not for time.  Just get in decent shape and go do one.  I'd also like to consider the Laurel Highlands race of 70.5 miles in PA soon.  That's in June and not far from back home.  Maybe Burning River or Oil Creek for a 100?  Close to back home, so some family might come out.  I still really enjoy running, but have figured I don't have the energy for racing very well often get that and that's okay.

Someone asked what I'd really like to do.  That's a good question because I don't know.  Honestly, Sawtooth intrigues me.  I'd also like to try a mountain 100 sometime...for fun.  I'd like to get back to 70 a week someday...this 40-50 doesn't quite cut it.

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  1. Swatooth is a tough one, but I've felt it's tug; I don't see myself doing it any more, though. Everyone who's run Burning River seems to love it.