Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Head in shade

Seven on Monday...kinda waxed.  Ran 36 minutes this morning and went to the Carroll College track in the PM.  I did a 3200m trial, which I was hoping for 6:00 splits.  Was confident I could pull at least 6:10 pace, but really was seeing what happened.  First 1600m was 6:01 and I knew I had some gas, so I did the last 1600m in 5:50.  Pretty good sign that sub 30:00 at Al's is at least feasible.  There comes a point in races like these that two things develop.  I have to work on extending the length of the race I can cruise at 6:00 pace or better.  The last part is how far out can I go ballistic at.  Right now it's about 800 meters, but I need to get to about 2000 meters.  At some point in time you just throw down and right now I can't.  Hopefully, I can become sharpened enough to run the first 4 miles at 6:00 and launch from there.  In 2003 I was able to hold 5:30 pace through 4 (22:00 flat) and pull a 5:03 the last .97 miles.  Heck...it was only one workout of 3200 meters and already I'm speculating.  I'll do another track session on Saturday.  Maybe do 8000 meters and see how she goes.  I just run what feels right and look for a hot spot.

The hardest thing about getting older is how far you have to run before you feel okay.  If I was to decide if I felt like running by feel, then I'd be back to running 4 times a week.  I feel decent after the workout.  Loose, very little aches and pains, etc.  However, after a few hours or sleeping over night you get all beat-up.  It's like that old Gregory Peck line, "We've made other plans and they don't include you."

Did anyone watch the Secretariat Youtube piece on Belmont Stakes?


  1. Dude... you a blogging machine

    You up for a Crosby Manitou run soon?

  2. Just watched it - Now that's a real caballo on the track ... (whinny, whinny, snort...)