Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clothed in crinoline

Finished the week with an easy 2:12 on trails.  Got in 60 miles for the week.  Felt pretty well, with the exception that it takes me a couple miles now-a-days to get the kinks out.  I'll shoot for similar results next week with a couple short fast runs.  I'd like to go for a sub 30:00 at the 8k on 9/17.  Seems like I should race a couple other short ones, but they get harder to find late in the season.

Soon Fall and Winter will be here.  I'll run John Dick 50k in early February and then get ready for Ice Age in May.  That seems so far from now.  I'm off tomorrow, so I'll play Mr. Handyman around home, get a couple runs in, and hopefully go fishing later in the day.

Running faster seems so much easier than training for ultras.  I mean, I seem to run more miles when running shorter distances.  The long runs just seem to wax me.  Getting faster doesn't seem to be the issue, it's that the racing is very painful.  I have not determined why running 50 miles seems more appealing than racing shorter distances.  I mean that is a big effort as well, but it must be the sense of accomplishment and the cool folks one meets.

My plan is to run a lot of shorter runs during the week and perhaps a total of 25 miles on the weekend.  If needed, I can lump the 25 in one run for the weekend to get ultra ready.  This seems to make me stronger and recovery is easier.  The bonus is more miles.  I don't struggle with the fact that 50 miles is a long way.  I've ran enough ultras to get past that.  I like to run, but at the same time running 10-11 times a week can become tedious.

I've been asked to take up Tennis.  The rest of the family plays, but I never have.  How hard could it be?  I'm afraid I'll snap in half.

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