Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hats and Hooters

It's been nice not running.  However, I'm at the point that something is missing so I'll have to uncut the bomb.  T'would be nice to plan a fall ultra, but maybe I should train first.  I might have to get back to some push-up and sit-ups.  I found even a 100 each about everyday seems to do the trick.  Otherwise it feels like a seperate training element.

I received a far amount of comments about my poor shoe selection.  When Bunk starts offering advice I figure it's time to listen.  Going to check into these Adidizero (?) he recommended.  What the heck, it couldn't hurt.


- The largest haul of coons I ever had in one day of trapping was 3.  Not bad for 6 sets.  I used to set 9 to 12, but you have to check them everyday and you learn quality over quantity.  I learned a lot doing that as a kid.

- My Dad, Mom, Wife, Son, Daughter, Brother, and Sister all had/have spring birthdays.

- I've seen more Pittsburgh Pirate ball hats this year than ever.  We just kind of nod at each other and move on.

- I've never been to a regular season NBA game, but my son managed to get to 4 last year.

- I once ran (?) a 5k to intentionally get last.  I will never do that again.

- In the late 70s and early 80s we used to run the International Peace Race 25K in Youngstown, Ohio (very competitive Shorter, Rodgers, Myers, etc.) as long as we could at the front.  They had 3 TV stations we could get at home.  "Look at me! Look at me!"  My fastest 10M (57:30) and 20K (1:11:58)
came from those races.

- I got into Grad School only because the Dean was a Slippery Rock alumni.  I was on a 2 class probation until I proved I could get the grades.  I was the top graduate with a 3.93 QPA.  I had one B which was in Computer Science.  I still struggle a bit with computers.

- The smartest runner I ever knew was Paul Paikowski.  He only broke 18 in a 5k once (17:57) on a downhill course, but managed a 2:50 twice in the marathon.  Once at Lakefront and once at Boston.  I also saw him run a 50k at Ice Age in terrible conditions in 3:57 and did his first 50M there in 7:43.  He plays the guitar now, but I still talk to him about training.

- I do the laundry and grocery shopping at home, but rarely vaccum or mow the grass.

- Miller High Life in bottles has to be the best house beer for the money.  $9.99 for an 18 pack is unconscious.

As far as the title goes; we're going to break those out when Josie comes home.

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