Monday, August 8, 2011

With wicked Felina

Started running again today.  Took the dog out for 30 minutes in AM and managed another 38 minutes in the PM.  Started push-ups/sit-ups easily.  Not too shabby.  See how tomorrow goes with same routine.  Going to try some doubles again.  Good way to get mileage; if for nothing else than to watch the miles pile up in the log book.

I am going to see about going up to Superior and not running.  I will have to start making plans if that's going to happen.  Might be cool to watch people run and hopefully help out in the 100 somehow...anything than just stand around.

Back in about 78' I was running out in Harrisburg, PA because we where at the state fair.  A truck had lost a box (it was early AM) and the contents were broke upon.  Inside were boxes of cigars.  Imagen my Dad's delite when I came back with three unopened boxes.  He said, "You didn't see any peanuts did you."  Classic.

I miss my Dad.  He came to all the races and typically when they showed the winner in the newspaper crossing the finish line you'd see my Dad somewhere in there wearing his C&K Coal Company hat.  I still have that beaten up thing downstairs and wear it on occasion.

A hat collector from way back, my siblings and I made a point to ask for hats everywhere we went, much to the dismay of his wife.  It was a simple process.  If you told someone your Dad collected hats you almost always got one.  Of course he made up whoppers telling people how he secured them.  I got him a military ball hat from the Navy from McMurdo Station in the South Pole.  Real cool dark navy blue with the bold gold lettering.  He'd tell people he had a son down there testing at what temperature oil freezed in water.  I saw a CBS sports crew one time wearing hats with the same dark navy blue backing and and bold gold lettering which said CBS Sports.  I laid the line on him and he gave it to me.  My Dad loved that hat.  It was always like Christmas when I went to visit him because I brought a cache' of hats.

About every 17 years up there the locust would they do.  It's cyclical.  There pretty meaty.  My Dad got a kick out of watching his two full grow sons out on the back forty swinging wiffle ball bats for hours knocking them out of the park.

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