Saturday, August 13, 2011

Put your fingers down my throat

Ran 4.5 easy today.  I was bushed.  My 8:00 AM guys slept in.  High Schoolers...go figure.  No matter, I get to run with a legend tomorrow. Three time Ice Age winner and three time representative of Team USA in the World Cup...Clement Grum.  I actually got to know Clem from our epic battles at Al's Run in the early 00's.  We finished back to back out of 3,000 runners two years in a row.  I've been getting together with Clem (and Andy Klapperich) about every Sunday AM we cam make it since 2003.  The three of us completed a double crossing of the Grand Canyon in October, 2009.  Definately one of my top 5 running experiences.

I was out back watering the dog last night and looked up at the stars.  It reminded me of looking up back around 1997 when Halley's Comet was visible.  I think it was a group of 20+ people in California who believed a space ship was trailing the Comet and was on its way to picking them up.  I guess it was essential to castrate yourself and oh by-the-way you need to be dead to get aboard.  Now I don't understand how you come to this conclusion, but the thing that really puzzled me was you had to have a roll of quarters with you.  The thinking was you would need these for possible transportation beyond where you were going.  Don't you think you might have questioned this at least?  Spaceship - check.  Castration - check.  End life - check.  Bring quarters along - hold up braaaah. 

So I did sign-up for Al's Run 8k today.  I haven't raced anything shorter than a marathon since Al's Run in 2008.  It should be interesting.  Not sure about what's after.  I'm fairly content to just train/run, but turning 50 next month does invoke one to embrace a new age group. 

I heard my Pirates set the major league record to go from first place to 10 games out the fastest.  Less than 2 weeks.  I watched them lose to the Brewers today 1-0.  In the 9th the lead off guy gets a triple and they end up stranding him.  Bummer dude.

Thinking I'll take Monday off and go fishing in the AM.  I'll see if the boys want to go, but either way I'm out there. 

Looks like a big contingent going up to Superior.  At least 20 people, so that's a crowd.  That's my birthday weekend and I will also be home in PA that week.  Still not 100% I can make it to Superior to spectate/crew/help.

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