Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twin powers unite!

Well, I put in my first 5k on the track today.  Was hoping to hold 6:00 pace every 1600m.  Splits were 5:58, 5:57, 5:53 and :38 for last 200m for a 18:26 result.  I'd say the chances of breaking 30 at Al's is pretty solid.   Four weeks to go.

Boy, I don't read much in the way of books any more.  The last book I read was about 3 months ago.  It was a Mitch Albom book my wife had read.  Knew him from the Sports Reporters so I read it.  I think it was "The Five People You'll Meet in Heaven," but don't quote me on that.  I think I'm above average in just putzing around, so perhaps retirement will fit me.  I really don't watch much TV except for Sports center in the early AM over as much coffee as I can drink in 40 minutes.  It's 50/50 blend, so I have that going for me.

I love sandwiches.

My wife ordered a movie a while back called "Taken."  I actually enjoyed it.

I'm quazi planning to attend the College Baseball World Series next year in Lincoln.

The fastest guy I think that ever roamed the planet was Harvey Glance.

Michael Carter holds the HS record in the shot put.  His daughter Michelle hold the same HS record for girls.

One pill makes makes you larger (Fred) and one pill males you small (Barney).

Green is my favorite color and Lammers had a BOSS pair of green shoes on last week at Lapham Peak.

I love running on the track, but hate intervals.

I are an Alumni of Slippery Rock University 83'.

My favorite bumper sticker of all times was "If you don't like Hank Williams you can kiss my a$$."

The biggest ah-oh comment I heard was when my buddy challenged a crowd of mad people with, "Big guys in twos, little guys in bunches."

I lost interest in professional wrestling at about age 25-26. 

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