Thursday, August 18, 2011

Someone yelled

Out at Lapham Peak last night.  Another nice summer crowd.  I know the loop is only 6.7 miles, but I always get worked on the hills.  Last week I was cruising down them with Tony and this week I was barely hanging on to Brother Grub who was hobby jogging down them.  Adam and Katie spent their last time with us before moving to New Hampshire.  The good news is they bought pizza.  Adam is coming back for Ice Age, so that will be cool.

I really have no desire to run a 50k anymore.  Outside of John Dick which is a good winter trainer (I always peak at the weather before going out there) nothing motivates me to run one.  Yes, the spur of the moment local ones for fun I'll do, but racing one isn't one my list.  Since 100 milers aren't really on the list either I guess I'm primarily a 50 mile guy.  Seems like a fair test of running.

I really didn't fire up the grill much this summer.  We don't get really motivated to do supper around here much.  When the kids are out of school we lose the motivation to keep a schedule.  Heck, we are lucky to have everyone at home at the same time.  The Lapham supper is chips, fruit, and cookies.  Angela brought cherries last night the size of golf balls.

Having a tough time getting motivated to run this evening.  Think I'll wait to about 7 PM and go for an easy hour.  Try and get two easy runs in tomorrow and then hit the track Saturday for a 5000m time trial.  Thinking I'll try and hold 6:00 pace.  Mentally I start to coast the second mile, so I'll have to make a point to stay focused.  It will be hard...something I don't embrace much anymore.  I could compromise and do 6:10 - 6:15 and call it a good workout (which could happen), but with Al's on September 17th I probably am better served to try an uncut the bomb.

I'm not going up to Superior.  Not motivated to drive to PA and then come home and leave the next day to go to Northern MN.  There will be another time.  Plus the family does occasionally like me to be around.

I've never watched the movie Citizen Kane.  I'm going to have to do that.  Mallach stated he has watched Cool Hand Luke, "20 - 25 times."  Me too.  I love that movie.  Jeremiah Johnson is way up there as well.  I'm primarily a Sports Center guy...though the football coverage is a bit much.  Never a huge NBA fan, I must admit I enjoy this more highlight wise than football.  I never grew up around soccer, but will admit here publicly that I followed the US Women's team at the World Cup.  I get the feeling they lost to Japan simply because that was the only game I didn't get to watch.

Well, the new crossword for the day is waiting for me.  I'm not particularly good at them, but they are fun.  Robert Wehner is good at them.  I've noticed over the years some clues never change.  Famous Giant ball player.  Giant who roamed the Polo grounds.  OTT.  Thirty years of this stuff.  Other answers I see a lot are ARIA, ARA, ERRED, EEL, and OSS.  I get killed on new TV names or singers.  Now if they asked who was the hair stylist in the credits for Leave it to Beaver, everyone knows that is Florence Bush.

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  1. I tried to psyche out the competition at FANS by doing the Times Crossword in 10 minutes before the race... didn't work, of course.

    Citizen Kane can be a little disappointing if you don't know much about who it's based upon and aren't into cinematography and set design (everything, near and far, is in focus - an innovation - and you see ceilings on sets, etc.)

    I've seen Cool Hand Luke dozens of times - Patten called me Cool Hand for a while - but I've seen Diggstown probably 50 times now and I can't say why.