Friday, August 12, 2011

A gentle bossa nova

Ran 8 again today.  A flatter 4 mile out and back in 55:56 (29:15 / 26:41).  Running down to the high school tomorrow and running with a couple guys from the cross-country team.  Their official practice starts Monday. 

I am buzzing up a Hungry Man TV dinner right now.  Went with the looks real good on the picture.  Are they still called TV dinners?  That's what I call them.  I never remember having these as a kid.  I guess you get used to real food.  I bought some fruit slices for dessert, except these don't have any of the black ones which dominate.  No, I am not a single man at home.  My wife went to the state fair with a friend.  My son went to the state fair with his compadre.  My daughter went to George Webb's to eat because her buddy started there as a waitress.  This dinner claims I'm getting a pound of food.  A friend and I decided about 30 years ago that the potato was about the hardest food to screw up.  You could basically take a crap on it, clean it, and still eat it.  There aren't many foods you can pull that off with.

A couple weeks ago at Church they had donut holes out between services.  I picked one up for grins, flicked it 10 - 12 feet up and the air and caught it in my mouth and ate it.  The kids thought it was luck, but people in the know realize I went to college.  Every once in a while I pull off cool stuff like that.  I'd never show them quarters...though I have heard a couple guys...maybe even one lass claim they completely dominated at the craft.  I know I passed enough cash to buy a recliner.

I've been bringing up my supply of snuff from Illinois, "so I ain't got no beef against them Illinese".  It is a $1.80 a can cheaper than here.  Talk about taking it on the chin here in Wisconsin.  And Mallach, I know it's a double negative, but your not here to correct me now.  I just popped a rub in so the fruit slices can wait until tomorrow.  When I was a kid we used to call it a pinch, rub, bone, dip, chew etc.  But my all-time favorite was an "Earl."  The Andy Griffith show was a rerun favorite and the guy who did the music score was Earl Hagen.  We chewed Copenhagen so it was a natural fit.

If anyone knows anything about me it is that I ask people where they are from, grew-up, or went to HS/College.  I find it interesting and it helps me connect people.  Last week I had a guy call to ask if I needed assistance learning how to navigate a new job tracking program.  I said sure, but have to call you back.  I did and when the chick answered the phone she sounded like she was from Pittsburgh.  When he got on I asked if they were in Pittsburgh and he said yes.  "Where did you grow up I said."  He said New Castle which is a good hour+ plus from the Burg.  Sure enough, we went to the same little HS (Laurel).  He even ran cross-country.  He's going to check if the 2-mile relay record I help set in 78' still stands...which to my knowledge does because my buddy updates me monthly during track season.  I know...let it go.

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