Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The brakes are good, the tires are fair

Ran 3.4 with Cookie this morning in an easy fashion.  I rocked the treadmill in the PM, but it does most of the running for you.  I mainly go because...I'm paying for it.

I crunched a few numbers and how does this look for a weekly program to work up to:

Mon = 5 AM, 5 PM
Tue = 5 AM, 5 PM
Wed = 5AM, 10 PM
Thu = 5 AM, 5 PM
Fri = 5 AM, 5 PM
Sat = 17 AM
Sun = 8 AM

That's 80 a week the easy way.  One could lump the weekend runs together for a 25 miler and take Sunday off for ultras.  Always easier with the No. 2 lead pencil than actually doing it.

In life, I've came to the conclusion people are going to be as happy as they want to be.  Like Strothers Martin said in Cool Hand Luke, "Some men, you just can't reach."  It's good to be an encourager, but don't as my old boss used to say, "let the bastards grind you down."  Why get bent out of shape concerning things you have little control off.  My Dad might have said it best.  "When I was in the Army, I knew two things were going to happen.  I was going to get a cup of coffee and I was going to get my ass chewed."  Sound wisdom.

Out on the road tomorrow making sales calls and seeing people.  Man I love these days.  Reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle.  "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."  That about explains it.  Looking for opportunity, deciding if I'll bull rush people or use the swim move.  I enjoy talking to people.  "What's it look like out there."  "Where you from."  "I hear up on the Muscle Shoal their catchin' beaver big as bobcat."  Stuff like that.  Start thinking about lunch at 10 AM.  Listening to Classic Vinyl on XM radio.  Good times.  I have my list ready for tomorrow.  I have eleven things planned, my 10 +1 plan.  Stretch goals are good. 

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