Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the good ship Venus

Trying to beam on.  Got in 1.5 hours Monday and same today.  Hit the track for my 3200m trial.  Tried not to look at watch and after 2-3 laps discovered I was lagging.  First 1600m in 5:58 and final one in 5:49 for a 11:47.  Heck, I'll take it.  Trying to run a bit under load.  Over at Mom-In-laws doing odd jobs and tweaked my back.  Takes forever to loosen up, but just move forward. 

- Killed a bat over there and she called the bat people.  I didn't realize I had to take a half dozen calls, retrieve the bat, drop it off and wait for their call.  Not for me, but she may have been exposed.  Told her it might have bitten her in her sleep.  That's pretty settling for an 80 year old. 

- Been hobby jogging in the morning at a park.  Why do people feel they need to race me occasionally?  Anyone else get this?  They stop in like a half mile.

- Went to outdoor festival in Waukesha with the wife and dog.  Twice I told people she's snippy, so don't pet her....she's moody.  Of course they didn't listen.  She dosen't always snip at people, but you just don't reach down at my dog's head when she's tired.

- Three months ago I had a dog charge me.  No big deal...but the owners typically say, "He won't bite you."  I said, "That's what the last 17 people said before I had to kick their dog in the face."  You don't really make friends that way.  I wasn't worried about the dog.  People get out in big parks and figure no else goes there so the leash law doesn't apply to me.  See it all the time in big parks...that have two dog parks in the park.

- On a positive note, I have found the people around here are pretty curtious when in comes to runners and bikers.  I give them the big wave and grin which they enjoy. 

I can't wait to get to work tomorrow!

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