Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moistened bint

I was looking at a couple ultra race calendars and I must say there are quite a few runs around.  What gets me is what some races charge for entry fees.  Seventy bucks for early entry into a 50k?  Are you kidding me?  Sixty bucks for a half marathon?  We are really fortunate around Wisconsin to have reasonably priced events.  There was a time would I'd enter the occasional short race for the sake of racing.  At $25.00 for Pete and Harry's 5k I'll pass.

It is good to see so many people running.  Most people know I run, so as most of you, I get the update on people's running friends and a local half marathon they are shooting for.  Of course everyone has a friend who is really fast.  What can you run a half in?  I don't really enjoy talking about running outside the inner circle.  I do however find myself interested in sports others participate in, especially if they are competitive.  I enjoy finding out their training philosophy and their perspective on competition.

The thing about talking about running with people who don't run, or worse, people who believe they know a lot about it is the evaluation process.  You can tell when people are trying to pin you down about your running so they can find something to one up you.  Inside I want to say something like, "Go get your band of merry men and lets run that 5k this weekend."  But I don't.  I'm not happy I feel that way, but I do like that the competitive juices are still there.  So, like most, I pretend my best days are behind me and I'm happy hobby jogging most days of the week.

Last week:

Mon = 7.0 w/ Jamie and dogs
Tue = 7.0 w/ Jamie and dogs
Wed = 9.2 w/ Jamie and his dog
Thu = 7.2 w/ Jamie and dogs
Fri = 17.4 w/ some of it w/ Christine and Robert
Sat = 8.2 w/ my dog
Sun = 5.0 w/ my dog

Week = 61.0

Feeling decent.  Not sure I'll do the whole 50k this coming Saturday.  I want to.  Just not sure I am capable of holding back as much as I want.  Also, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.  It would certainly take something out of me for a week.  It will be a game day decision.  With nice weather it will be difficult not to take advantage and run the whole thing.


  1. "I don't really enjoy talking about running outside the inner circle."

    I couldn't agree more. My boss is one of those guys that likes to try to engage by talking about my interests - so, of course, he tries to talk about my running. I do my best to switch subjects quickly.

  2. D2, In some ways, letting people in on what you do is like giving up something of yourself. A secret, sort of.... If they don't know anything else about you every time they see you it will be: 'there goes that runner guy', as if you are a one-dimensional person. I stopped talking about it, took down all my running stuff off my walls at work.

    Best I ever ran a 1/2 was a long time ago, maybe 15 years (1:29 I think, decent but not fast). Used to be my favorite distance. The thing was I could sign up on a moments notice to run one; base training was always good for a half. Couldn't do that with a marathon, really. Probably if I looked back I would find I ran that distance more than any other; one year I think I ran 6 or 7. Long enough to outrun the hobby joggers, short enough to do at a whim. Nice mileage this week D2. See you Wed or for sure Sat.... I'll be there.

  3. If you are worried about running too fast on Saturday, stick with me...

  4. Chad...I hear you. Mine come more from people bringing up I run ultras to other runners and then the conversation of life experience and self enlightenment takes place. My brain always goes to the Harold Abrahms quote from Chariots of Fire. "I don't run to take beatings!"

    Marty...your right. People assume I do it for fitness and fun and those are elements I enjoy. However, deep down I do it to beat people. I've never been one to cloud this issue. I like the commpetition. Otherwise I wouldn't be training like this at 50 years old. The past few years I have had to accept it is growing more towards the fun part, but when things progress in a positive direction I am all in. At least as in as I can get!

    Brother Grub...we may be spending a fair amount of time together on Saturday.