Thursday, December 15, 2011


Questions I've been asked?

What pace should I run in the marathon?  - I largely don't know, but if your shooting for time this is the one thing you try and figure out.  If there is time, go run a race of 10k to 13.1 and plug it in one of those fancy calculators. 

Have you ever carbo loaded?  - Yes, about a dozen times.  It has never done me a dis-service.  I also can't ever say it was what made my day.  I am more inclined not to do it now-a-days.

What trail shoes do you like?  - I don't run in trail shoes.  When I wanted to pop a good effort, I usually ran in light-weight trainers.

What kind of speed work do you do?  - I think it payed the best results when I followed a structured plan.  This usually consisted of a weekly tempo (hard) of 15 - 30 minutes and an interval workout on the track.  My best results came from 8 x 800m sessions (hard).  I used to like to turn and burn, but now I am more the 2m to 8k at a moderately hard pace.  If I was to add another element it would be 6 x 4:00 w/ 2:00 rest on the roads, or 8 x 2:00 w/ 1:30 rest at 5k race pace.

How do you taper?  - I go by the book, 75% 3 weeks out, 50% 2 weeks out, and 25% 1 week out for average weekly mileage.  Keep the intensity at shorter distances and shorten the long run.

When do you take days off?  - When I don't feel like running or am hurt.  I don't run that much anymore, but I have averaged 42 miles a week this year.  I am always in some kind of shape and getting up to 60 isn't a problem when the urge to race comes.

Do you run hills?  - Not as much as much as I should.  There is some gold to be mined in hills.  I want to get back to this.  Lots of value in a twice a week effort of 4 x 2:30 steep hill session as hard as you can handle.  Like to recover at top and do some cruising down as well when healthy.

How should I run 50 miles to achieve a good time?  - If you have been training earnestly, I would say it is best to go out at your normal training pace and let it come to you.  Meaning, when you feel real good resist the urge to go.  Take care of yourself, hydrate, fuel, take care of the intangibles.  After you get through the first bad patch usually somewhere midway, get your mojo back and look for a hot spot to run it in.  The simple act of passing people gets one fired up.

How can I get better? - Find time to run more mileage.  Another 15-20 a week is huge.  From that mileage, add another hour run, add another hour to your long run, and use the rest of it to establish a mid-week longer run of near 2 hours.  When you master this, move one of your weekly runs to a speed type session.

How do you fuel?  - I eat at least two hours before the event.  During the run I tend to eat more the first half and go to gel type products and Pepsi/Coke the last 15-20 miles.  I take 1-2 electrolyte pills an hour.  I sweat a lot, so I have to drink continually until I slosh and then I go to water.

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