Sunday, November 27, 2011

....But Mama

Training has been consistent.  Taking my time, not trying to get to carried away.  I easily could have ran 65 this week, but I made the decision to take Saturday off again and concentrate on a good Sunday effort.

Monday - 7.0 in 1:00 w/ Jamie and the dogs.
Tuesday - 7.1 in 1:00 w/ Jamie and the dogs.
Wednesday - 12.1 in 1:41 w/ Jamie and his dog.
Thursday - 8.0 in 1:12 at Nashotah w/ Joel's T-Day crew.
Friday - 7.2 in 1:00 w/ Jamie and the dogs.
Saturday - Off
Sunday - 13.6 in 1:50:10 (56:25, 53:45) Lapham Bunk loops w/ Bro. Grub.

Total = 55.0

Fitness wise I feel stronger than usual for this time of year.  Try an get to 60 next week.  My left leg
is a little tweaked from slipping going down hill.  Didn't notice until after run.  See how it operates
tomorrow AM.


  1. I have a question for you regarding your blog. Please contact me when you get a chance.



  2. But mama....... I still can't handle the fact that Patten will beat me in a race next year.