Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mega Mind

I think I like trail ultras a lot because I loved cross-country.  It is even fun to watch the HS meets, but deep down one would like to jump in.  A buddy of mine and I have talked for years about having a CC season.  Plenty of open meets, (and you could throw in some shorter trail races) you could also run at Parkside in the open meet with the college kids.  Then there is the various USATF meets.  Might be a gas, or at least a nice change.

I've been running most of my life.  Why am I sore all the time?  I don't stretch at all.  Would that help some?  Not having a problem running...just achey quite a bit. 

I've noticed running early in the AM that people have little regard for stop signs.  I always run with the idea people can't see me.  I'm no match for a ton vehicle, no matter if I have the right-of-way.  The most dangerous place is in the neighborhoods.  People look for cars with lights when backing out.  Not you and the dog 10 feet away.  If there like me their saying, "What in the heck are they doing out here?"

After I say my prayers at night...I immediately think about running.  What if I did this, what races are coming up, how can I beat so-and-so?  The biggest thing is running training regiments through and through.  No wonder I train different every year.

I'm more convinced every year it's all about the weekly miles and not the girth of long runs one gets in.  Why tire yourself out every weekend as we are only hobby joggers in the overall picture.  I'm thinking one effort of 4 hours or so every three weeks.  Those get to be a grind week in and week out.  Plus I feel they compromise your ability to get in decent training the rest of the week.  I'm more of a run every day guy.  I'd like to get up to 10 runs a week.  This always seemed to make me stronger and with a decent taper before a race your bullet proof...or at least that's the hope.

I'd like to hit the track this spring for some bashing.  The dog cuts corners though...whatever it takes for the W I guess.  "Can I pet your dog?"  Beat it kid, she's a killer.                  

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