Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I admire your salt

In breaking down a training regiment you have to look at a bunch of factors.  I have never figured out how to run effectively on the trails and this is my goal over the winter.  First I have to establish what I call my three phases of weekly training:

Phase 1: Run every morning for about an hour Monday through Friday.  This is complete.
Phase 2: Run Tuesday through Thursday in the PM.  Have averaged about 1 workout so far.
Phase 3: Run 20 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday, or 30 miles over the weekend.  I'm at about 15.

Done correctly, one can get about 80 a week from this.  I have been hesitant to really pile up the mileage and figure I'll add 3-5 miles a week.  The goal is to establish all three phases by early January.  I'd maintain this another 6 weeks or so and then look to impart a few longer runs.  I'd incorporate one tempo run and some type of fast stuff the 12 weeks leading up to Ice Age.  I'd also like to make a stretch and get a 2 hour run in sometime mid week if possible.

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