Saturday, May 5, 2012


Ice Age is one short week away.  Talked to a fair amount of people doing their first 50k of 50m.  Well, just try and relax this week and get a few easy runs in.  One gets anxious for the first one and I would recommend you find a place at home to start collecting all the items you think you might need for race day.  I usually use the ping pong table down stairs to randomly pile a few items I might need.  I keep an eye on the weather because this can be a game changer.  If you do this you won't feel like your so rushed through the week.  If you remember something else you just put it on the table.

People have different goals for the race and different levels of ultra experience.  I have found it is really not much different than the long runs you have put in.  You have the benefit of plenty of aid stations, so keep this in mind.  Outside of gear and weather (personal choices), you have four things in my mind you have to stay on top of or consider.  They are:

Calories - I don't aim for a set amount per hour, but I really do try and get something at every aid point, with a little supplementation along the way, especially over the first 30-35 miles.  Even if I don't want anything I take a piece of bagel/banana/cookie/etc.  I usually hit the hammer gel a bit as well. 

Hydration - I drink a fair amount, taking whatever is given to me.  Usually gatorade and water.  I drink a bit of succeed, but do not like too much.  Past 30 I'll hit Pepsi/Mountain Dew regularly to try and get a boost, but you need other as well.

Electrolytes - Depending how warm it is I generally take 1-2 S!Caps per hour on the hour.

Bathroom - I have to take TP because I generally need 1-2 stops.  It can be frustrating if you have not prepared for this and are short on back-up.  I usually carry it wrapped in plastic wrap with a rubber band around it.

Other - I carry about 600-800mg of NSAIDs in with my electrolytes in case my legs really ache.  I use some about every other year and I don't take a lot with me because I'm not sure more would be any good for me.  I have carried tablets for my stomach as well, but not all the time.

I almost always have my wife helping me beginning at Hwy 12.  She has a box with fluids, hammer gel, bars, S!Caps, clothes, bottles, TP, Glide-On, etc.  I ask her to be there with a new bottle and hammer gel.  If I need something else I will tell her to bring it to the next aid station.  I really appreciate this help because it helps me move along without prolonged stops.  I also carry very little with me.  She meets me at 12, Rice lake, 12, Duffin, and then she parks and walks into Horsemans where she sees me coming in and coming back.  From there she heads to the finish.

The last thing I want to mention is going out conservative from the start.  I run comfortably and try an concentrate on really taking care of myself to at least Duffin (30.5).  I will stretch it out a few times, but I try and not get into race mode too early.  Duffin to Young road is where I try and transition into racing.  I call it looking for a hot spot and if it comes you have to know what you can sustain.  Move too early (catching everyone you see) can wear you out by Emma, so know what you can handle.

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  1. Double D, I didn't get a chance to see this week (or last) out at Lapham, so I wish you Good Speed on Saturday. Go out hard, and hang on. You got the wheels man. I'll see you at the finish party.