Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The way I always do

Ice Age has came and went.  It was a very good for racers and first timers and I was glad to again be a part of this great race.  I finished in 7:55 and was pleased with the result.  Not much different than a lot of years.  In distances of this length you are given several dynamics to adjust to.  You apply what you think best and move down the trail.  This is what I did, though it took a little chunk out of me to finish under 8 hours.

Now I set back to getting in some training.  No set races yet, just start running every day and eventually I'll add a few evening runs to get the mileage up.  I briefly toyed with the idea of a 100 miler, but this to passed.  I have much to do this Summer.  The weeks will be busy.  I would like to get back to sleeping more than 7 hours.  It is a tad short of what I need.  I am an 8 hour guy.  It is uncommon for me to rip off 9 hours. 


  1. D2, NICE race. Sub 8 for the race: AWESOME. Sub 8 for the sleep pattern? Not so much. See you soon.

  2. D2, how much sleep? As much as you need, I guess. For me, it's 8 hours. any more and I get rusty. Any less I get cranky. I guess I am a finicky old bastard. 8 seems to be enough for the body and the mind to recover. See you soon. Coming home Sunday from AZ.