Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dreams of Summer

Well, I have spent the last month recovering and hobby jogging around Waukesha with Jamie and our dogs.  I feel pretty good, but was a bit tired.  Work picks up, tons of stuff I need to do around the house, Canadien night crawlers to toss...you get it.  Thinking on getting to 50-60 a week and running some shorter races over the summer.  Though I like ultras, I think I prefer running in general more and a little change would be nice.  I busted out my 6.1 loop this AM in 42:37, so I must be recovered.

I've been reading my friends notes on their 100 mile finishes/attempts.  There is no doubt I want to do another, but until I can overcome the I need to finish in a certain time mode...I'll just wait a bit.  It is a bear of a distance and running 14 minute miles isn't real appealing to me now.  I have finished one and dropped from one.  I really don't have a resume of any sort when it comes adding them up.  20 finishes of distances of 50 miles or greater and 11 of those are Ice Age 50 milers.

I'll be skipping Voyageur this year.  I ran it the past 2 years.  I enjoyed the time, but running in the middle of summer doesn'r appeal to me much.  Perhaps I can find a way to matriculate up to Glacial this year and do the 50 miler. 


  1. Double did you happen to talk with the guys just in front of you at Ice Age, John Horns? I used to run some Friday mornings with him. You may know his sister too, Janis Klecker.

  2. I didn't know him, but I know who you mean. He passed me over the last mile. My foot and the rest of my body was in pretty bad shape afterwards, so I wasn't very chatty on that day. I had no idea he was Janis' brother. He's gotta be around my age.