Saturday, June 16, 2012

Take out the papers and the trash

One wonders what the purpose of many things could be.  Perhaps there is a dynamic beyond what the casual observer accepts.  More learning or less learning can be congruent.  Is it what takes place in the arena as Teddy Roosevelt states which matters?  The mainstream is powerful and packed with influence.  What about this road that is less travelled?  One has so much time to get there and then it is over.  Is it?

The reason running appeals to me is the many shapes and forms it demonstrates.  As a lifer, I have seen many of the pieces, but never will see them all.  It is highly unlikely a 500 mile odyssey, or a run across the States will happen.  Honestly, I am not sure the purpose of meeting time goals is relevant.  Is there more to running beyond the simple act of doing it?  It used to take a big goal for me to get in any arduous training.  Seasons come and go now-a-days and the simple act of lacing them up for another day has finally arrived.  It is like I am operating a prized possesion which is mine and I can do what I want with it.  I have never kept it shined up in the garage, or have I maintained it as well as most.  It's broken in and it putting the coals to it occasionally feels great.  Running through the woods for hours is no longer a duty as much as it is a desire.

Dream big.  Take stock in the accomplishments of others.  Get out there and see the world for yourselves as Paul Newman said in "Cool Hand Luke."  He also says, "Everyone keep feeding off of me!"  One sheer joy I enjoy is watching my little band of running friends dive in and dream beyond what I can fathom.  Their is much more doing than talking.  A selfless group of people who have made getting "out there" the norm.  The path each takes to get there is largely different except this act we all enjoy called running.

I'd be the first to admit I've wondered why people train, race, or go about managing things the way they do, but we all jump in and see what happens.  Old school, new school, no school, whatever; they are going into the arena.  It isn't over.  "It isn't over to I say it's over."  Perhaps Belushi was on to something.

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