Friday, June 22, 2012

Catch a Cannonball

Well, it's been a good run.  I started running at 14 and outside of a few detours have been running since then.  60,000+ miles on my feet and a couple good runs it is time to just run.  Oh, I won't run any less and I'll largely be the same guy everyone knows, but my desire to race is nil.  I've ran 100s of races from 100 yards to 100 miles.  Maybe my streak of 2-3 races a year the past 7 years or so was a sign, but I'm not seeing the reward.  Again, I'll do events, but I find myself not really desiring to plan for anything.  Perhaps this will be good for me.  I have the couple races I want to do every year and probably one bonus event. 

I feel great.  I don't run a lot in June - July usually, but the idea of just going out for a little hobby jogging sounds right.  If I want to do an event I'll set aside 6-8 weeks and run a bit more.  Sure, I'll occasionally air one out, but probably seldom.  The signs have been there, but I still wanted to run competitive.  I can't.  Time to get back to what drew me to the sport.  The freedom of movement.  Knowing that I simply ran today will be enough.  I don't want a schedule.  The great Jack Foster once said when asked what his training plan was that he ran from 3 - 15 miles a day.  Whatever he felt like.
That sounds good.

I miss coming over a rise on a golf course and seeing a 300 yard stretch of turf I could just blast.  I wouldn't always win, but you'd know I was there. 

I miss having the feeling when you could put the gas pedal down and you just kept feeding off it.

I miss running quarters in HS with the fast guys when coached asked me and they had to work through all 8 because I was coming.

I wish I could have just ran the 880 in HS and trained for it. Things don't always work out when there are no other distance runners.

I'm glad I saw a very remote chance to make the 100K team and I took it.  I still feel uncomfortable that a running bum like me made it, but I was proud as hell to finish that day with a USA jersey on.

I don't have any regrets.


  1. We're in the same boat. People were kidding me about retiring and unretiring, but I haven't done any race in a year and nothing special in 4 when I had a fluke win in an ultra. I still get the urge to blast a fast run on occasion, but those occasions are unpredictable and rare.

  2. Hey Steve. I know, I read your blog. Are we eligible to become Sages?

  3. About time old man ....

    Perhaps you'd like to walk with me for about 37 hours on September 7th ?