Monday, July 16, 2012

Hobby Jogging

I have enjoyed running my daily 6 miles in the AM with Jamie and the dogs.  We try and leg it out a bit on Tuesdays and Fridays for 4 miles.  Not that 7:20 - 7:50 is blazing, but it is honest work and enough to feel good about ourselves.  This past weekend I made an effort to get back to 10 a day on weekends so I can stay around 50.  I'm going to run Al's again and feel instead of 30:00 as a goal I might as well try and leg out a sub 29:30.

Not sure about anyone else, but when I lay down my head to go night night, I still think about running.  My mind subconsciously dreams up running goals, or the occasional flash back of a run with runners of the past.  Those runners weren't much different than the ones of today.  Running is something we did weaved around our weekly lives.  I somewhat miss the story telling that went on after the races as everyone shared the experience of the race.  In cross you always had the guys you finished around and you told them how you beat them, or how you didn't have it that day.  Occasionally one of us would pop a good one and beat a few varsity guys.  We rallied around those times.  Most of our world beating took place in practice which coach never frowned on, but the varsity guys hated it.  Call it whatever you want, it was all we had.

In indoor the 2 mile was the last event before the 4 x 440 and coach allowed the guys who just ran the 2 mile to form 2 relay teams.  Every one was gassed, but those were good battles.  You were basically about as anaerobic as you could get afterwards and we would lay in the pole vault pit and talk trash on each other.  Good times.

I would like to do Hardrock some day.  The ultimate hobby jog.

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