Sunday, December 15, 2013

54 40' or fight

Well...time to stop whining and lace the shoes back up. I guess it is common to hope for a full recovery before resuming training, but that isn't happening. Angela invited me to the Funk road group run for Saturday and I went out. Hoping to get in an hour I almost got to 2 hours. Knee was a bit tender afterwards and I assumed I would shack up for a few days. Skip that I went out for a 1:15 jaunt today and made it happen. The dang ball game is on and it's time to go long. Mallach mentioned "the stick" worked for Brian's IT so I grabbed a scrub brush handle out of the garage and made that "my stick." It did seem to have a positive affect and I think I will work the spot over again tonight. Deb said something that just rang true. "I encourage people to try and get outside everyday and put in some type of activity." The biggest problem with being a one trick pony is just that. When sidelined one does not fill the idle time with anything else. I believe I am ready to do that if for nothing else because I weighed in a 185.5 this morning. Starting to resemble Gary Coleman. Not sure that's true, but it is the first name that popped into my head and I'm too lazy to go back and think of something more apropo. I am reticent to continue rambling on about my training, or what should work best for me. The decision has been made to get out every day and put in some good old fashion miles. Just ramble through neighborhoods, run up snow covered hills, and meet up with friends who basically discovered the true meaning of Christmas before I did. Not sure why I always end up running more in the Winter, but perhaps it is because the adventure meter is high. When I was a little kid, my brother and I waited for hours at Gram's just to have someone bluster in out of the cold windy outdoors just to spin us the deer update. Uncle Jim this, Cousin Sherry that, Pink Ferd this. They were in the ball game. Ultra running isn't kind of like that it is exactly like that. That is the reason why some of you have heard me state the following when by standers asked what we are doing. "Can't you see we got the damn ball game on here."

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