Monday, December 16, 2013

I kicked the blankets on the floor

So I am pretty confident I will sign up for a 100 mile this year. Most likely it will be Kettle as it is local and a bunch of friends are doing it. I have not quite settled for the "just finish" or "run w/ a friend" deal yet. I mean I want to say that and probably need to, but as that famous line says, "Forget it's Chinatown." The thought of doing some great big circle training run from home sounds interesting. Take cash. Buy drinks along the way. Blow down a couple hot dogs at Speedway. Go real 4-5 mph pace. Be out there for hours. I'm going to dig into that. I'll have to find cool people to do it with. Someone who can take a two minute story and drag it out for 30 minutes with multiple side bars. I have a few friends in this league. It might be fun to investigate. It would be a combo of parks, trails, streets, etc. Make it one giant adventure with a few surprise elements. No...nothing with cheese in it, that's too obvious and besides Grabowski went the cheese route and I couldn't even listen to the story.

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