Sunday, December 8, 2013

...but the British kept a comin'

Glad to report I ran a half hour today with Dean and Andrea. First time out in 20 days. I cut it off there just to see how things feel tomorrow. My friends recommended that perhaps I should consider stretching or core training. Stretching just seems dumb, but the core thing might be something I need. I'm already twisted steel, but a little weight loss would be bodacious. Perhaps carrying less of me around would be better. So I did a few push-ups and sit-ups. I did the plank routine and a range of motion exercises for my knees. I then saw the wife's 8 pound dumb bells and did 3 easy routines. All this was super low reps because I hate being too sore the next day. I don't have a plan, but if I did it would be to do a little more everyday and also add other exercises. I am in workout Limbo. At one moment in time you have world shaker thoughts and at the other extreme you realize you just lucky to move around. If you have never been to workout Limbo this is where all your old workout buddies from HS and College have come to rest. When it just doesn't seem worth it any longer. You slowly start to conclude that the masses who now own the endurance sports have it right. I am slowly getting sucked into average...and eventually there is not a thing I will want to do about it.

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  1. Saw the title and thought "we filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind" - we have to be OLD to remember that song. I haven't run for a while (hard to get enthused when it's below zero out) and I'm looking for that idea that will light a fire under me, but I think it'll come. I'm not going to set times at races that anyone cares about, including me, but I'm still fighting complacency as hard as I can.