Sunday, April 30, 2017

4 with everything

Running has been a lot of things for me over the years.  At first it was a way to compete and be a part of a team in HS.  It took me a year and a half to realize pure ability and will only take you so far.  I read a book by Joe Henderson titled Run Gently, Run Long.  I did not quite grasp all the concepts then, but one theme which resonated was running just for the freedom of movement.  It didn't need to be hard.  What's the purpose of always banging away.  Much of my running has been like this, but then again I had to learn the lesson myself.  I like both aspects.  I like at times to bang away because this really is the only way for me to run faster.  However, I need the running with no particular place to go attitude as well.  My sweet spot has been 50 miles a week.  One can stay in reasonable shape and when the urge to compete comes you simply carve out 12 weeks and make it happen.

Saturday was my last Ice Age tune up run on the course.  I just basically ran the 16.6 miles progressively faster after a few easy miles at first.  I was looking for that zone and for about the last 12 miles I found it.  When you put the accelerator down and the body keeps responding is awesome.  This does not happen much in general any more and to achieve the feeling two weeks in a row is a good sign for me.  I have a few minor dings and sore areas, but hopefully I can rest and sharpen the edge just a bit more over the next 12 days.  I believe I am ready.

4/24 = AM, 5.0 (10:19) road
4/25 = PM, 7.0 w/ 5k in 20:22 (6:33) paved
4/26 = PM, 6.5 w/ 5 x 880y w/ 440y jog, road
4/27 = PM, 6.1 (9:35) paved w/ Dewey and Tim
4/28 = OFF
4/29 = AM, 16.5 (8:53) w/ last 12.3 (8:33) trails.  First 4.2 w/ Dewey & Christine
4/30 = AM, 6.0 (10:21) road
Total = 47.1


  1. Enjoy every step of the Ice Age 50. Thanks for enlighting and entertaining us with your posts leading up to the race.

  2. Dave as one can easily see it is my favorite event. It was a great day yesterday and though I wanted a faster result...I earned my 16th buckle. Hope to post a follow up this week. Thanks for following along.