Sunday, April 16, 2017

Flint or tinder?

There was a time you could just show up out at the trails this time of the year and find people to run with.  After a few social miles people would start to light out in their own packs.  Somewhere on the way back there was a bit of saber rattling and you finished with a solid workout of a few hours.  People you knew littered the trails and you might stop for a brief second to say hello or tell them to pack a lunch on race day (in a perfectly legal and binding sense).  This is Ice Age season.  Most everyone at some point comes out to give it a go, volunteer, crew, or party.  Now don't get me wrong the Ice Age 50 is one of the most successful, well run, popular races you will ever attend.  It is my favorite event of all-time.  The reality is people don't run or last forever.  How much longer do I have to race this thing?

If I was to summarize my training this year I would say adequate.  I'd have liked to have averaged about 15 more miles a week, but I could not weave the magic.  Honestly it was the live to fight another day training.  Calculator says I have averaged 52.66 miles a week since January 1st.  Basically what I always run.  However, I have done some longer efforts (about 5 miles less per run than the past) and have kept up with some tempo efforts.  What I can't pin down is when I will feel good.  Is it age, meds or other stuff...probably, but I just have to roll with that.  One thing for sure is a good taper is usually good for me.  As long as I get over 5 hours in on next weekends run, watch the weight, and zip around a bit I might be fine.

One thing I have learned is you can't will a time to happen.  You have to take it as it comes and if you have any wheels the last 10-15 miles than let her go.  This is not a course you can unwind on as there are few flat stretches.  You have to find a rhythm over the never ending shifting topography. 

4/3 = OFF
4/4 = AM, 5.0 (9:27) roads
4/5 = PM, 6.0 w/ 3.5 @ 6:40 on T-mill
4/6 = AM, 5.0 (9:03) T-mill
4/7 = AM, 6.0 (9:55) roads
4/8 = AM, 25.4 (10:12) Ice Age trail w/ Christine and Steve
4/9 = OFF
Total = 47.4

4/10 = PM, 7.5 (10:28) roads
4/11 = PM, 8.5 (9:04) w/ 2.0 (6:51, 6:34) w/ Tim
4/12 = PM, 9.0 (10:32) Lapham trails w/ Steve and Jim
4/13 = OFF
4/14 = AM, 6.0 (10:34) QEK trail
4/15 = AM, 15.0 (9:33) Ice Age trail w/ Christine and Steve
4/16 = AM, 12.1 (10:34) QEK trail
Total = 58.1

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