Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lost in Space

The last long training run is in the bank for Ice Age.  All which is primarily left to do is rest, sharpen up a bit, and lay off the spam.  Spending time out on the same trails the Ice Age 50 mile takes place at reminds me of past lessons learned.  I thought I'd pine a bit.

1.  Whatever one has on race day is what you have to work with.  Sure we have basic goals, but you have to play the variables given that day.  I'm not discounting ones ability to make it happen, but 50 miles is a long way and best to be cautious early.

2.  Every year I run into someone along the way (usually between 10-20 miles) and they ask me what I'm trying to finish in.  Sometimes my time is a couple hours faster than their goal and they look at me puzzled.  Sometimes they even take off from me.  I have never seen this turn out well.  Go out conservative.  Take care of yourself.  Let your mind drift into a state of auto pilot.  Plenty of time to leg it out later.

3.  If time or place is a major goal then figure out from the course aid stations how you need to manage this thing.  Prepare to bring a few items (how hard is it to carry S-caps or TP) and don't act stupefied when they don't have a personal handler at each aid station for you.  I usually always have crew and I am told I am easy to crew for.  Hand me a new bottle through and have a snack for me.  If it is anything special I'll ask for it when I get to the next place I can get assistance.

4.  If you plan on running near me then please understand I'm inconsistent and run the course the way I do.  Sometimes I'm sailing and other times I'm conserving.  I'm not focusing on what you are doing.  My main goal is to get through 35 miles and then look for a hot spot.  It's not personal.  I'm just out there some years to get the damn thing finished and beat a few people.

5.  Yes I walk some hills, but primarily at the beginning.  I like to keep my heart rate down early and already know I'm probably running a hair fast.  In the middle portions I walk maybe 5-10% of the hill when it is the steepest or the steps are hard to get over easily.  The last 20 miles if I can I run up almost all hills.  To me this seems to work so I have kept with this.

I have to go work on the lawn now.

4/17 = PM, 6.0 (9:28) paved
4/18 = PM, 7.0 w/ 5k (6:43 pace) paved
4/19 = PM, 7.0 w/ 4.0 @ 6:53 pace on T-mill
4/20 = PM, 6.0 (9:51) road
4/21 = AM, 4.5 (10:06) road
4/22 = AM, 34.5 (10:16) w/ last 15.3 @ 9:06 on course, trails
4/23 = AM, 8.0 (10:33) trails
Total = 73.0


  1. It's always been hard for me to go out easy, though I know I should. I'm so damned competitive I end up racing the first miles. Do they make horse blinders in human size/

  2. Agreed. It took me a number of years to figure out you go out at normal run pace and look for a hot spot past 30 miles.