Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tomato sandwiches

It has often been said, "You can't be all things to all people."  In running, I believe this, but am again coming to the conclusion the sport to me is more about enjoyment.  The enjoyment factor is spread out over many realms.  At the present time it does not appear to make sense to focus on one part of my running.  Well...sometimes it really does matter and then 4 days later it does not.  I continue to want to work hard and race well, but the investment seems to yield so little.  I mean if this were times past, who would scroll down a few hundred names to see I ran a blazing 6:30 per mile for an 8k?  How many people are scanning race results to see how the results of the 55-59 age group?  I don't even care about those results, why would anyone else.

This Saturday at 12:01am I had the opportunity to run with a couple handfuls of people for Angela's 90k event.  Made up of 2 loops of 45k each primarily on the Ice Age trail I could not resist.  Plus burritos at the 45k.  This is 2.5 miles from my house.  I bummed one of Angela's headlamps and off I went to enjoy the night moving through the woods.  As planned I stopped at 45k, had an awesome breakfast and then went home.  It was a very good time with some solid people.

Now I knew going in that this will compromise any real faster training for Al's Run, but who cares?  I'm going to simply do what I do and let things unwind the way they do.  Honestly...still having the ability to run is a blast so I might as well enjoy all it offers.

7/31 = 7.2 (10:15) road
8/1  = Off
8/2  = 6.3 (9:33) road
8/3  = 7.5 (10:08) trail, Men. Park w/ Dewey and Tim
8/4  = 5.5 w/ 5 k in 20:08.6, road
8/5  = 7.5 (9:36) road
8/6  = 8.0 (9:30) road
Total = 42.0

8/7  = 4.5 w/ 2.2 @ 6:18 pace, T-mill
8/8  = 5.5 (10:06) road
8/9  = Off
8/10 = 7.6 (10:25) trail, Men. Park w/ Dewey and Tim
8/11 = Off
8/12 = 28.0, Ice Age trail w/ the gang at 12:01am
8/13 = 5.4 (10:24) road
Total = 51.0


  1. Amen. I feel pretty much the same--happy just to be able to run and occasionally feel fast. (But I have to admit, I do check results for the 55-59 year olds. Gotta know what I have to do to keep up with you.) I am signed up for the Strider Half now--see how that goes.

  2. You'll have to air that out. You getting any stiff runs in? I think Dewey will be lining up as well.