Friday, August 4, 2017


That was my 5k time off the watch today.  I was going to do mile repeats and decided let me see how I feel at the 1 mile split which was 6:33.  I felt in control so I just notched it up a hair and was able to hit my fastest 5k tempo for 2017.  That is an average of 6:29 per mile and I'm happy with that.  I wasn't wiped out or anything so I'll take it.  I am off work today, so I had a couple hours to wake up.

Six weeks to Al's.  The 5k today is really about the same effort as the 10k trial from Saturday.  If you punch the 42:09 in it says I am capable of a 20:12 which is real accurate.  So am I progressing?  Punch in 20:09 and I think it forecasted a 33:09 for the 8k.  That is still 99 seconds to shave off in 6 weeks.  I have to get faster...that's what my brain is telling me.  There is no breakaway speed.  I can't summon the hidden gear any longer.  Bootsy from Parliament has left the building.  The funk is gone.

I could ask 6 people how to best get where I want to be and I'd get similar responses in my opinion.  The best answer may be get to 165 pounds (172 today), run fewer miles, and race myself to a potential mini peak.  Finally if I punch in 31:30 for an 8k it says I should be capable of a 19:08 5k.  Somehow this makes it look even more possible.  Again these are efforts on my own and not under race conditions.  I'd love to think I could bring the mail.  The two things that absolutely killed me there last year was the heat and not having the ability to remotely handle a decent pace more than a couple miles.  I just did not see that former abilities off basic training had just vanished.'s real.

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