Thursday, January 2, 2014

I didn't ask for sunshine

I roughed out a draft of how I want to train for Ice Age. Nothing out of the ordinary. Spend the next 6 weeks getting in base shape and thinning out. Spend 9 weeks working on the long runs and get in a bit of strength/speed work. Taper for 3 weeks and make a go of it. I went through the list of who's registered and wrote down some names. Some mean different things to me. Not sure why I wrote a couple of the names down, but I was compelled to do it. I guess it is like A, B, and C goals you read about except this is about beating people. This is how I motivate myself. Sad...I know, but it's all I have at this point. Last I checked it is still a race. There is no science to the list. In fact I like everyone on the list. If I had to label these people you might see stuff like this: Legend - Grinder - Nemesis - Solid - Talented - and other unflattering tags just for my personal entertainment. Some people already know there on the list and some don't even know me. Everyone on the list has beat me except one. Two people I have never beat and probably never will, but that's what you get with an unscientific list. This is healthy...right?

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