Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mostly farmers

Cashed in on the FA 50k and ran with Deno for 2:40:40 at Lapham. Good workout. It was what I really needed. Kind of pooped last 40 minutes, but it was worth it out on the Ice Age trail. I am at 183 pounds and with a bit of common sense I should get under 175 by February. I am trying to convince myself to take on 15 minutes of core 5 days a week, but motivation is low. I read a few old 100 reports last night and saw a fair amount of people mention they believed this helped. Does not seem like a huge investment time wise. I'm already twisted steel, so a bit more galvanization might not be a bad thing. Does time appear to be screaming by? 2014...are you kidding was college over 30 years ago? I guess that's why I want to do a hundo this year. I will treat Ice Age as my A race and Kettle 4 weeks later will get what is left. I have a busy day Sunday, but I am going to try and squeeze in an hour around 6AM. The high currently for Monday is -17F not counting the wind chill. Tuesday will be brutal as well plus I will be on the road all day from 6AM to 7PM. I'm going to have to go to the mattresses to get something in. I dislike cutback weeks, but with everything else I have going on this week I might have to put the skirt on. No matter, twern't no Grizz left anyway.

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