Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sky dump

I recently used these words in my head. The meaning was explain by a member of the wrestling team at Slippery Rock well over 30 years ago. I will leave it at that. Had really been enjoying the low key running. It was some effort with the cold and snow and all, but I was getting decent trail time. I was on the road last week and due to the extreme wind chills up North I hit the treadmill. Of course I was inclining and running too hard. Soon after I developed tendinitis on the top of my right foot down to my big toe. Now I am not running and miss it already. Just another sign you can't P-funk uncut the bomb any longer. This makes it difficult to trim down. In the winter when it comes to food I am like a german shepard on a rib roast. I was up to 186...and okay...183 isn't dynomite!, but I was not gaining. So I decided I would try and count calories and picked a round number of 1,200 calories a day as a target. Maybe this is too severe, but I need to make something a challenge. If I can't run for awhile I will try and at least work on trimming down. Went to the grocery store yesterday. Somethings surprise you on how many calories they have. A quarter pound of mixed nuts is 240 calories! A Big Mac is 550 which was less than I thought. I did not go that route, but was curious. At the crack of nuts this morning I had 2 cups of corn flakes and 1 cup of 2% milk. That is 320 calories and a total rip off. I bought lite Italian bread at 40 calories a slice and I think having 8 slices of that would have been better. This is all new to me which is kind of interesting. You really do try and get the best bang for your calorie buck when your keeping tabs. I'm thinking one of the best deals is the 80 calorie lite greek yogurt. It's just hard not eating 7 at once.

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