Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tiny little moustache

Cold busy week so I managed 6:10 on 3 runs. Lapham was crappy Saturday, but good on Sunday except going the other direction which was choppy. Wed = 1:46:30 at Lapham. Mostly ran alone as everyone else seems to be much faster than I am. It was still darn cold, but trail was in Indianapolis 500 conditions. Ran 30 minutes prior to joining group at start. Sat = 2:03:30 at Lapham with Deno. 1:02 straight out Ice Age and across 18 to snow mobile trails and back. Stairs are a disaster. We enjoyed the day and chatted about the upcoming Kettle 100 and high school cross-country whoppers. Mostly on his part my stuff is all true. The rain had a negative bend on the trail surface. Sun = 2:20 at Lapham with Andrea. 1:23 out and back to 18 and the trails really firmed up in one day. Not Indy conditions, but perhaps Slinger Speedway. Andrea proposed we go the other way which we did for a 57 minute out and back. It was choppy, but provided different scenery. We also discussed the Kettle 100. I came to realize I have no idea how to tackle the thing right now. It does appear Deno, Andrea, and I will be trying some night training adventures.

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