Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Riding the clutch

The past week I can't help notice that folks jog by me looking as if they felt like getting a few miles in.  They have all the appropriate gear on.  Not super lean and mean, but they are getting in some aerobic work on a regular basis.  Problem is I am running and it perplexes me.  The Nova SS days with a 396 are forever gone.  I have the straight 250.

I banged out 11 today at a moderate effort and it yielded 8:51 pace.  The days I could stand on my head and spit nickels and run a couple minutes...heck one minute a mile faster have been hidden forever.  Jammed in some place I'll never reach, tighter than a thumb up a pigs nose.  I guess part of the reason I run ultras is piling up miles is useful if you want to quasi compete at 50 miles.  I know I can only expect modest times and that's okay.  At least I feel like I'm doing the homework.

Also, I never had 396 like wheels...ever.  But the comparison is real.  All in a perfectly legal and binding sense.


  1. Nice job ratcheting up the mileage. I'm back to feeling "normal" and have upped my mileage to nearly 60. Might be time to take it up a bit.

  2. It is much easier when throwing in two a days as you know. I'm still unclear what the ultimate purpose or plan of all this is. I just know I can't run fast much at this point or I will overload. In reality 60 should be my rallying point. You and I really have no governor when it comes to trying eclectic training regiments.