Sunday, July 2, 2017

0 for 3

As this week progressed, I was feeling relatively decent.  I took Friday off from work and after looking at the mile tally realized a single 6.3 mile day would provide a needed break.  I ventured up to the Emerald parking lot and got on the Ice Age trail.  The trail was a bit slippy and a tad overgrown.  Not to mention it gets hilly up there.  The mothership took a beating that day.  I, to paraphrase Harold Abrams, "...don't run to take beatings!"  Dang and the flies were brutal.  Good thing I was wrapped up in the hoody and skull lid.  Freaking beat.  I was space trucking about 11-12 minute miles.

Saturday dawned and I was meeting Dewey for 15 at Nashotah.  I probably needed a break, but after a half pot of coffee I was back in action and ready to go.  We kept the pace honest and I felt good through the day.  Happy to report the 10 at Minooka on Sunday wasn't bad either.  Decent week.  Just trying to pile a few miles up a bit at a time.  It's hard to exercise caution when you are a running bum.  No real need to get too excited about posting times nobody looks at that far down the page.  Somehow this makes sense to me and so I overlook dings and dents to the body.  There are no stars on a potato farm.

I ran into a guy at the grocery store wearing an Al's Run t-shirt and I commented on it as I had one on as well.  He was pumped up and told me he wants to get one more in this year.  He will be 89.  Forget what I know.  This guy is a natural born world shaker.

6/26am 5.6 (8:45) road, pm 5.6 (8:39) road
6/27am 5.8 (9:23) road, pm 6.7 (9:44) trail w/ Dewey, Tim, Robert
6/28am 8.0 (8:55) road, pm 5.0 (9:31) road
6/29am 6.0 (9:19) road, pm 6.0 (9:28) road
6/30am 6.3 (11:27) trail
7/1am 15.0 (10:07) trail w/ Dewey
7/2am 10.2 (10:39) trail w/ Sharon, Andrea, Clem, and Dean
Total 80.2

Seven runs with extra duds.  One old guy who motivated me.  One chocolate cake...gone.

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