Friday, June 30, 2017

Stage Left

I hit my goal for June and posted 301.3 miles.  It is my first 300 mile month since January, 2015.  I also see it is my first 300 month June since 1978, but I don't have a few early '80s log books handy.  Regardless it has been a while for a nice June.  I typically take a little break after Ice Age, but since I really can't cut the mustard any longer it's nice to at least lick the jar.  I'm not really following any plan, just out battling the deer flies.  Perhaps the body will catch on to what is going on and decide to make the trip with what the memory perceives should be happening.

I decided against running the firecracker four.  I'm not up to the production.  It'll be a good day to go race myself and spark up the grill early.  Probably have the kids come over, along with the Mom in law.  Blaze out some wings and burgers as big as your head.  I might even buy a chocolate cake with chocolate icing because I can.  We'll play jarts and dominoes and have a big old time.  I'll be asleep by 8:30pm.

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