Sunday, June 25, 2017

If I spring a leak

The pursuit of miles is sometimes easier than sticking to a regimented plan.  Free wheeling and tossing in workouts here and there might not be the most pin point way to achieve above average hopscotch results, but piling up mileage just for the sake of filling up a training log is effective.  I put in twelve workouts this week and I feel like I am already making strides in my recovery rate.  Now some days I am knackered.  I will generally run through those as that's part of the process.  Other days common sense has to kick in and I take a break from another run.  The key for working stiffs is to hold an ace up the sleeve and time it at a moment when worlds collide.  The same can be said for family stuff, etc.  That is why several times a week I have to visualize the 10CC song, "Big boys don't cry, big boys don't cry."  And out the door I go.  Speaking of which, I am on the road a bunch and if I want to get say 6-7 in it will be an out and back.  Which I love because when I turn for the barn the run in my mind is forensically over.

6/19 am 5.4 (9:00) roads, pm 6.6 (9:10) roads
6/20 am 5.6 (8:24) 10 strides and 1m in 6:30 roads, pm 6.6 (8:33) roads
6/21 am 5.6 (8:06) roads, pm 6.4 (8:51) roads
6/22 am 6.0 (9:45) roads
6/23 am 5.5 (9:35) roads, pm 6.3 (9:22) roads
6/24 am 9.3 (9:42) Nashotah trails
6/25 am 9.1 w/ Frebeka 5 mile in 34:22 (6:52) w/u & c/d w/ Dewey, pm 4.6 (9:47) roads
Total 77.0

Also managed seven runs in the hood jersey and winter cap.  My wife says I'm retarded.

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