Sunday, June 11, 2017

South of the Picketwire

I managed to get in 70 miles this week.  Was not as easy as I thought it would be, yet I stay highly motivated.  Not so much for any world shaking, but that I can still get out into open spaces and glide over gravel and ponder the act itself.  When I awake at night, why is it my brain contemplates running equations and potential workouts?  One thing I've decided is this summer is about doubles.  Hopefully about 4 a week.  I laid out a potential list of races as such:

6/25 Frebeka 5
7/4 Firecracker 4
7/30 Cudahy 10 mile
8/26 Strider Half
9/16 Al's Run 8k
10/8 Glacial Trail 50K
11/18 JFK 50 mile

I was reading Charlie Spedding's training from London to Olympic '84 marathons on Bob Hodge's site and liked the openness of it.  Real life stuff happened, he ran hard, he trained through races, and he slotted in what he needed.  I looked back and the last time I reached 300 miles in a month was January of 2015.  What?!  How we slowly fade into the mantra of common results.  I've tired of giving into what I should be doing.  I'm going to get a few swings in before I lay it down.

Running highlights from the week:

- Talk to Beaner from CC team at SRU and he ran 2:54 last week at 55.  He beat his age!
- Clem mention this today about someone and I asked how old he was when he ran 2:32.  He was 36.  He's in the club and didn't know it.  From me to you man. 
- Received a 20+ mph high five from Dan Held (2:13:50 Boston '94?) as he blew by me on his bike.

I'm running most morning workouts in a hood jersey and a stocking cap.  Get off me...going to see if Durden was right, but probably skip the bottoms and gloves.

I never enjoyed this Bob Seger guys music.  Stuff like this comes on the radio and I turn it off.  Eagles, Elton John, and are you kidding me....Styx?  No interest.  You might as well take me to a Hall & Oates concert.  I'll drive 5 hours and not even turn the radio on.  I'd let a few Molly Hatchet songs go through, but they don't play that on the old stuff radio.  Foreigner?  I'd rather hear Jethro Tull or the freakin' Turtles before REO Speedwagon and please not Genesis.  It's pretty sad that I'd rather hear the Bee Gee's or KC and the Sunshine Band in this day and age. 

6/5 AM = 5.0 (9:36) road
6/5 PM = 5.0 (9:00) road
6/6 AM = 5.1 (9:07) road
6/6 PM = 7.6 (10:10) trail Men. Park w/ Dewey and Tim
6/7 AM = 10.0 (9:16) road
6/8 AM = 5.0 (8:40) road
6/8 PM = 5.3 (8:22) w/ 8 x 1:00 w/ 1:00 jog road
6/9 AM = 5.0 (9:21) road
6/9 PM = 4.0 (9:15) road
6/10 AM = 8.0 (9:09) road and trail
6/11 AM = 10.0 w/ Barry and Clem at Minooka trails
Total = 70.0

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